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The Importance of Detoxing

Living your best life is important. We all enjoy having a good time by indulging in the things that bring us pleasure, but we also want to be mindful of how we indulge. I know I have the tendency to get carried away with eating foods that might not be the best choices or not taking care of my body the best way I should. This is why I take the time to detox at least once a month. By detoxing I press the reset button to take care of not only my body, but also my mind and spirit.

Detoxing can be taking a look at a few different things. When it comes to eating, I will press pause and let go of sugar, caffiene, processed foods, and alcohol for a couple weeks. It's my way of being mindful of what I put into my body. By eating wholesome and nutritious foods, I'm making sure that I get what my body needs and deserves. It's my goal to strive for a better lifestyle of healthy eating. It's definitely a process and although I'm not ready to let go of some 'treats', it is an important reminder to do things in moderation.

Exercise is also an important method of detoxing. By moving the body, we allow energy to flow and release tension and stress that gets stuck. Exercise doesn't necessarily mean you're training for a triatholon or turning into a body builder. Simply stretching and moving the body in a way that feels good to you. Yoga is amazing for the body as it also helps you to connect to mind and spirit.

Other activities that assist in detoxing of the mind and spirit are stepping away from the electronics. This can be challenging in a world that is dominated by technology, but freeing yourself from time to time can be so refreshing! Set a time of getting off your phone and computer. Step away from social media and the television. Instead go for a walk and connect with nature, read a book, take a nice long bath, or engage with a hobby that brings you joy.

And let's not forget the importance of water!

The more we allow ourselves to detox, it will assist in creating a life of happiness and fulfillment. Give yourself this wonderful gift. Release, Relax, and Realign.

Detox by connecting to nautre
Detox Your Life

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