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"Sonja is absolutely passionate about her work as a coach.  She brings a wealth of resources and offerings to (re)connect you with your life’s purpose and deepest desires."


"Sonja is a natural coach, with a warm and welcoming nature. She is an exceptional listener, intuitive and always uplifting. We worked on transforming my career at the age of 50. She guided me in developing a vision and shaping specific goals. I realized how important it is to clarify what you really want in life, and decide what priorities are the most important to you. She offered new ideas, and a fresh perspective. With her guidance, I am currently working at my highest level and living my life in gratitude. Working with Sonja is an excellent investment in yourself."

Jacqui Tavis

"A soul empowered and life shifting experience! This is how I describe the coaching experience I have had with Sonja. Her down-to-earth approach and intuitive understanding was exactly what I needed to identify and re-pattern old beliefs that were blocking me from moving powerfully and confidently forward in life.

I absolutely love Sonja’s authentic coaching style! Compassionate, intuitive, calm, soothing, genuinely present, witty, light, humorous, and FUN! These are just a few words that best illustrate her soulful ability to help guide and course correct through genuine listening, empowering tools and supportive methods.

I am a huge believer in synchronicity and it is by no randomness that Sonja and I have crossed paths. Thanks to Sonja, I have begun to make the necessary shifts and actions to propel my business forward with ease and clarity. Struggling with body image issues since childhood, I now see myself through the eyes of love, compassion, and acceptance. Without a doubt, the deep healing and alignment I have experienced through coaching with Sonja has been divinely appointed.


I am forever grateful for the beautiful way she holds space for my dreams as well as the way she mirrors back my most energetic, powerful, funny, and soulfully aligned being."

Amy Nelson


"Sonja is a phenomenal healer who pays attention to her clients’ needs and the pain centers of the body. I came to her with a huge migraine, and she was able to use her healing hands and crystals to help relieve my pain. It was quite interesting because I could literally feel those lower energies uplift from my head and my pain level dropped from a 10 to a 2. I can’t thank her enough. You are a gift from Heaven."

EQ Thunderbird

"Her coaching is AWESOME! By the time I had completed my sessions with her, friends and family noticed I was more confident and self-assured. I own who I am Beautifully and wonderfully made!"

Vera Graham

Brenda Lamberty - Reiki Sonja Rayne Lee.jpeg

“ Sonja’s reiki session was so packed with energy, I could feel her energy from her hands as well as the energy from her crystals throughout my body. Her vast knowledge in crystals was so helpful throughout the session, she knew when and how to place them around and outside of  my body and she knew how to switch them when something was off. She made sure the ambiance was perfect with some aromatherapy and very soothing music. When the session was done I really felt relax yet energized."

Brenda Lamberty

"I think that Sonja saved my life. I know that sounds extreme but I was in a big financial mess, overwhelmed by debt due to two years of unemployment followed by a year of being underemployed. I didn't see any way out. And then I started working with Sonja.

The first thing I learned is that I needed clarity about what I wanted. Sonja created a safe, non-judgemental space and took me through exercises that helped me figure out what I didn't want and therefore what I did want. No longer was I burdened with thoughts about what I should want or with concerns about what others thought I should want or do.


One thing I realized is that I liked my job and wanted to keep it. But it didn't pay enough and I didn't see how I could find a similar situation that I would like as much. I learned from Sonja that those are limiting thoughts. So using the different tools and techniques that she taught me, I learned to focus on what it was that I wanted. And I got just what I wanted! I got to keep my job that I liked so much and I got a salary increase.  

Thank goodness I found Sonja! Thanks to her instead of feeling overwhelmed, I now feel empowered. Sonja is warm, smart, funny, and a great listener. And if you are in need of one, she is a fantastic coach!" 


Dani Renee .jpeg

Dani Renee

"Sonja is such an amazing and passionate coach. I love how she assisted with me tapping deep into to my definite desires in order to manifest the things I had already spoke into the atmosphere. For my first coaching session, we drafted a letter together because at the time I was looking to land a permanent job position. Once we drafted the letter I went home and added a few more specifics. I read the letter everyday. By that Friday (less than a week) I got a call for a job offer and it was EXACTLY what I wrote out in my letter and more. Sonja is such a bright light and definitely a great coach!"


Lisa Parr

"I approached Sonja for some life coaching earlier this year as I was finding it difficult to move forward after poor health and a relationship breakup. Sonja immediately uplifted me with her calming voice and wisdom and during each session, I was given mental tools to work with including some great affirmations that I will continue to utilise in my daily routine. I would highly recommend Sonja Rayne Lee if you are in need of a confidence boost and healing past wounds. Keep up the great work!"

AA Headwrap Pic.jpg

Antonette Artiz

"I worked with Sonja to help me with a confidence complex I had given myself after years of internalizing verbal abuse. I was amazed at how she helped me work through the fact that I had taken on what others had said about me, and was actually living out an inaccurate self-fulfilling prophecy. 


She helped me to find my inner Champion voice. Today, I can tell the difference between something I need to work on, and someone's small opinion that holds no weight. When I receive feedback I know that it is to grow me, and I use it appropriately, but I do not take in others' negativity anymore. My Champion stands in the gap for me and weighs the difference.


Thank you, Sonja, for giving me the voice that I was lacking to stand up for myself. Thanks for helping me to grow my confidence in a positive light. You are doing great work! Keep it up!"

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