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Coach for Divorced Women

Unapologetically YOU  Program

Feel More Empowered,Courageous, and Confident

Women who have no self-confidence or lost confidence in themselves can feel empty inside, apprehensive, disempowered, or stuck. You are uncertain of the next steps to take to feel fulfilled. 


You may also be experiencing:


  • Low self-esteem or self-worth

  • Feeling disconnected from self

  • Feel defeated, drained depleted, or depressed. 

  • Have little or no motivation.

  • Led by fear, doubt, or anxiety

  • Unsure of the future or your path

  • Negative body image

  • Imposter syndrome


If any of this resonates, then you are in the right place. Life without confidence can feel overwhelming. You may have an idea of what you want to experience or who you want to become but you lack the guidance, clarity, and tools to achieve it. You struggle with finding your voice and

are scared of going after what you want.


I could relate to all the above until I did a lot of restructuring starting with my mindset. The stories we create are the ones we believe. And some of these stories can limit us and this is what we call limiting beliefs. We need to self-reflect and identify what these limiting beliefs are in order to change them. Next, I began releasing the energy and emotions that were weighing me down. Energy healing was a huge part of my process. So much so that I became a Reiki Master and crystal energy healer. I felt more connected to my body, and it felt wonderful. Finally, it was time to create my new story. This was the fun part! I got to determine how I wanted to feel in this story with my new thoughts and desires. Confidence comes from within, and we must do the inner work to feel empowered and courageous. Self-confidence is the key to constant success.


In the Unapologetically YOU Program, you will gain a clear sense of your beliefs and how to create new ones in alignment with building your self-confidence.


  • Identify the subconscious and conscious beliefs that are limiting you and holding you back so that you can create lasting change.

  • Find your voice to feel comfortable expressing yourself and feel good about being uniquely you.

  • Feel more energized and connected to your body so you can learn how to embrace all of yourself and implement ultimate self-care.

  • Set up boundaries that honor you so you can stop saying yes to everything and feel guilt-free when you really want to say no.

  • Overcome self-sabotaging habits so that you can move towards your goals and desires. 

  • Feel revitalized and excited about your new life. You'll know how to prioritize yourself and your needs.

The Unapologetically YOU Program is a 4-month program designed to help women build tenacity to feel more empowered, courageous, and confident.

Your Steps to Becoming Unapologetically YOU!

Step 1: EXPLORE your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being courageous and confident.

  • Uncover limiting beliefs that are keeping you from thriving and accomplishing your goals or desires you want for life. 

  • Discover how limiting beliefs can affect your self-esteem and self-worth and how to identify them so you can begin making effective changes to feel worthy and have value.

  • Identifying fears, doubts, and anxieties that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.

  • Gain clarity of a sense of direction and understanding of what you want and/or how you want to grow. 

Step 2: RELEASE energetic blocks.

  • Identify negative self-talk and actions and replacing with a new empowering belief system. Feel more confident in your daily actions.

  • Let go of self-imposed judgements including body image.

  • Release stuck energy and feel lighter and stronger.

  • Create life changes that uplift you and not weigh you down.

  • 2 energy healing sessions working on any past trauma, stress, or physical pain.

Step 3: REPROGRAM create your new belief system.

  • Discover how to move forward utilizing tools and techniques to shift into your new habits and beliefs. 

  • Maneuver through life challenges or obstacles with more ease.

  • Set up comfortable boundaries - the art of saying NO!

  • Tap into your courage to go after what you want even if it scares the crap out of you.

  • 2 healing sessions to assist in releasing old habits and beliefs to make way for new ones.

Step 4: Unapologetically YOU ready to become more tenacious!

  • Let go of the past and move confidently into your future.

  • Create systems and routines to help you obtain your goals.

  • Connect with the divine Goddess within you.

  • Embrace ultimate self-care.

  • 2 healing sessions to lock in new habits and beliefs.


During the 4 months, you will receive:


  • (16) Private 1-hour coaching sessions; 2-hour sessions with healing - 4 weekly sessions per month

  • (6) Healing sessions included during coaching sessions 

  • Visualization & Meditation Exercises once a month

  • Self-love and Self-Care Practices

  • 30-minute private check-in session after the program

Ready to Transform? Schedule a 45-minute Clarity Session to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

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